Wings of Souls

with Julie

Personal 1:1 Readings

Dealing with everyday life and juggling the many facets that go along with it can feel like a complex puzzle. Insight into love, relationships, career, family and purpose can be that missing piece that one is searching for.

Losing a loved one is one of the hardest transitions that we go through in life. Trying to make sense of the loss can be more than overwhelming, it can be an incredible sense of loss of purpose and understanding how to navigate in this new normal. The feeling as if a piece of you has been taken with them is a natural and true feeling of loss.

Bridging heaven and earth, Julie brings loving messages from Spirit, Angels, Guide and loved ones form the other side. The person who in connection with spirit helps put the puzzle pieces together to help make sense of the complex world we live in. Bringing a sense of Heartfelt Love, Peace and Light with each message.

I offer 30-minute and 60-minute sessions via Zoom

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Group Readings

Group readings up to 10 people.  During our time together  Spirit and I work congruently to provide special messages of love and healing to the group as well as individuals.  Coming together as ONE can make a powerful impact on everyone in the group.

I offer 60-minute up to 2 hour sessions via Zoom depending on the group size

Contact me at [email protected]

Contact me for Appointments

and Rates