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Hello!  My name is Julie YeagerWalker.  I am a Medium and Radio Show Host.  My greatest joy is meeting those who want to connect with their loved ones on the other side. Seeing and witnessing the healing that takes place right in front of me is something that touches a deep loving part in my heart. My clients receive acknowledgement that their loved ones are watching over them. It is always a blessing and a gift.


My journey started over 7 years ago at a women's retreat in Sedona, AZ.  I was going through a heartbreaking divorce and during this time, I met another amazing Medium, Bonnie Wirth.  She asked me if "I was a Medium?"  I answered, "No I really don't think so."  To which she replied, "Oh I think you are."

Fast forward to today, I am stronger, healthier and more advanced in my gifts.  I have completed my Advanced Masters in Mediumship and host a radio show every Thursday night, Your Time to Shine.

So many people think that once you pass, there is nothing more.  Receiving guidance and messages from your loved ones restores faith in life after death.

One Hour Reading ~ $150

Connect with loved ones that have passed, and receive healing messages of love.

1 hour reading in person, by phone or Zoom.

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One hour BARS Session ~ $145

Enjoy a relaxing 1 hour BARS session.  Regroup, re-ignite and re-energize.  How can it get any better than that?  What else is possible?

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Group Readings - $75 Per Person

Small group readings at specified locations.or on line

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Your loved ones are never far away...