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I began my spiritual journey in 2013. I have always been spiritual and believed in a higher power. It was when I received a personal 1:1 reading that I was told of my gifts and who I really was.

Since then I have been learning and crafting my gift and sharing with others what they too, are capable of.

Bringing messages forward from loved ones on the other side and seeing how powerful those messages are for my clients is one that never ceases to amaze me....AND exactly why I do what I do. Loss is extremely hard. However, through that loss, the healing that comes through with the messages is beautiful. Being an open channel for spirit, loved ones, guides and Angels, I am able to bring peace, comfort and even a smile or two to my clients.

I began taking classes to help me better understand my gifts and how to work with them on a daily basis.  I have since completed 2 programs and received certificates on each.  These courses have been so instrumental to me and my life, that I am continuing my journey and currently pursuing a certificate in the Masters Leadership Program of Mediumship. This will allow me to teach​ other Mediums the me same invaluable material that has helped me navigate this evolving adventure. Helping others bring to light their gifts and talents, and what it really means to be a Medium, is what lights me up!

A little about me. I was married for almost 16 years to a man that I met through my brother after high school. We had a daughter, who was the center of our universe and continues to be. Watching her grow and flourish is a true blessing. Our marriage ended in 2011, which devastated me.  I always thought that I would be married to the same person forever like my parents.  I felt that a huge part of me and my soul was taken from me and many days laid on the floor crumpled into pieces. It was many years before I could let myself love again and move on.  In 2013, my sister-in-law (who is still one of my best friends today) convinced me to go with her to Experience Yourself women’s retreat in Sedona. I reluctantly agreed. I had no idea how that one weekend would open my eyes to a whole new world that was about to unfold for me.  I met so many incredible women who had the courage to tell their story and journey.  At that same time I met a beautiful Medium named Bonnie Wirth. Not only would she become a friend, but also a mentor, guide and teacher for me on my passage. Through her I learned of my gifts, how to navigate them and what it means to be a Medium. Fast forward to today. I have found a wonderful man, who I love unconditionally, who I share everything with and we were married in 2018. We share our loving home in Portland, Oregon with a Labradoodle (Tayto), Lhasa Apso (Senge) and Ragamuffin cat, Bella (yes that really is a breed!) and my daughter Emma.

I love getting to know people and sharing my gifts, experiences, and life journey with others. I am part of a dragon boat community and an outrigger canoe (OC) community that I adore. The water, whether it be a river or ocean, brings me peace and groundedness. An early morning of paddling where I can take in the sights and sounds of nature and the paddle pushing through the water is mesmerizing to me and allows me to let everything was away around me.

As you can see I am not any different that you.  I have loved, I have been hurt and have been stripped to the core and rebuilt.  I have felt loss, the loss of many loved ones (more than should have been allowed in any one persons life) and I have rallied through it.  I have felt passion for life and love and the things I love doing and I have felt like throwing it all away and falling apart.  Each of us are on a journey.  Your's just might look different than mine does.  I have allowed guidance through spirit and it has changed who I have become.  Stronger, healthier and ready to serve!

I look forward to sharing experiences with you. Whether it be bringing heartwarming messages from your loved ones, healing or teaching with loving guidance, I am here on this pilgrimage with you.

I so look forward to our time together!

Much love ~

Your loved ones are never far away...


"Julie is amazing.  She is an absolute pleasure.  Her kind hearted, loving and easy-going nature create the perfect atmosphere of safety and trust.  The healing, guidance and direction you will receive from her clear connection with Spirit is sure to make a positive difference in your life.  I highly recommend Julie.  She is gifted beyond measure."  

~ Bonnie Wirth, Lloydminster CA

"Julie appeared in my life through a chain of events that could only be described as "divine intervention". I am so grateful for her kindness to me. She has shared messages from my loved ones that only they could have expressed through her. I know without a doubt that she has a divine gift. She is so sincere and truly cares about you. Julie is a blessing to all the lives she touches and I know she will share the healing, truth and light from Spirit that will bring you peace. THANK YOU Julie from the bottom of my heart"

~Lana Sandahl, Thief River Falls, MN

"Julie is amazing.  She has helped us through a very difficult time in our lives.  My husband was diagnosed with lung cancer in May 2018.  She was given guidance that he would recover with treatment.  After surgery, he became violent & paranoid with fear of dying.  She was able to do some clearings and relieved him of his paranoia.  She has done several clearings of unwanted energy in our home and improved my husbands recovery.  We are so grateful for Julie's help during the stressful time in our lives!"  

~ Gail Bracelin, Coos Bay, OR

"I'm very grateful to Julie for the beautiful session I just received—filled with useful information for my business that went so much deeper than I expected. I am excited at how spot-on her recommendations were. Julie is clear, insightful and thorough in her communication and gave a generous reading filled with spiritual encouragement from guides, specific validation from family members who have passed, and lots of practical tips and suggestions for things I can do in my daily life. I highly recommend her services!"

~Madeleine Eno, Portland, OR

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